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Pathogenome Sequencing

FUSION GENOMICS is developing a pan-pathogen test for multiple infectious diseases that will provide the most “actionable” genomic information for optimal treatment of infectious diseases. The QUANTUMProbes in the ONETest Pathogenome will be able to identify novel strains that have mutated from reference pathogen strain(s) and will provide detailed genomic information.

The ONETest Pathogenome will deliver on the promise of personalized medicine, will allow detailed and speedy diagnosis of all infectious diseases and will put the power of metagenomic analysis within reach of clinicians.

Although functionally equivalent to metagenomic sequencing for pathogen identification, ONETest Pathogenome will be clinically superior in the following ways:

  • Provide information regarding host genetic susceptibility factors

  • Higher sensitivity – Up to 9000X pathogen enrichment

  • 12 hour sample to results*

  • Low cost sub $300s vs $1,000s

  • High throughput. **

* When using a semiconductor based instrument, all others a preliminary pathogen identification report will be provided at the end of 30 cycles.
**Up to 400 samples in one desktop sequencer run.
Pathogenome diagram