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FUSION GENOMICS is identifying genetic signatures of diseases so diseases can be identified more rapidly, accurately and economically. To learn more, see Why ONETest™.

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The following figure illustrates the typical workflow for ONETest™ product use.

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Products Available Now*

ChildSeq-SRCTCHILDSeq-Sarcoma ONETest™ kit

Rapidly captures and identifies over 95% of all known gene fusions associated with childhood cancers with minimal amounts of sample input.
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QP LogoQuantum Probes™

Small DNA molecules specifically engineered to capture highly variable DNA with minimal off-target effects and minimal loss of target diversity.
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Cloud LogoFUSION Trawler™

Our easy to use Cloud-based bioinformatics software that searches through data to detect genetic signatures of interest. Access and instructions in kit. Benchtop to Desktop!

Products Coming Soon

  • Influenza ONETest™– For testing and seasonal genotyping of all major influenza virus strains.
  • Hepatitis C ONETest™– Differentiates and identifies all subtypes and strains associated with chronic liver-associated Hepatitis C virus.
  • Avian Influenza eDNA ONETest™– For testing and genotyping of all major strains of Avian influenza virus.
  • Tuberculosis ONETest™– A quick and economical way to distinguish drug-susceptible from the various specific drug-resistant strains of M. tuberculosis.
  • Leptospira/Hemorrhagic Fever ONETest™– Rapidly and differentially detects Leptospira and other viral agents that cause hemorrhagic fevers (for example, Ebola, Dengue, and Hanta Virus).

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* For research use only.  Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.