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What are Quantum Probes?

Quantum Probes are a central component of our molecular diagnostics platform. They are proprietary synthetic DNA molecules engineered to capture highly variable DNA with maximum sensitivity and specificity (>99%).

FUSION GENOMICS’ approach to diagnostics begins with building proprietary databases of all published genomes of the diseases of interest. These databases are then annotated with all published research and augmented with rare genomes from our partners.

Big data graphicWe then take a database and use it to develop the machine-learning based Quantum Probes for the disease and the analysis algorithms for the FUSIONCloud.

FUSION GENOMICS then combines Quantum Probes and our suite of online bioinformatics analysis tools, FUSIONCloud, to develop ONETest assays for identifying rapidly evolving infectious diseases.

The analyzed genomes can be paired with other data such as geo-tags and further analyzed to provide transmission models and tracking information.

Unlike current DNA capture methods that use oligonucleotide probes based on a single reference sequence, Quantum Probes

  • have a unique sequence composition not found in nature
  • are engineered to capture all known genetic diversity in a given group of organisms

This allows for more comprehensive RNA and DNA capture than reference-based probes or any other known method – up to a 1000 times more sensitivity than current diagnostic methods and an accuracy approaching 99%!

Here’s the results from a test that captured RNA following standard methods or captured RNA using our Quantum Probes.

targeted sequencing-2

Quantum Probes clearly allowed us to generate a greater amount of sequence from target areas and less from unwanted RNA.

The Quantum Probes for our ONETest Influenza Sentinel panel were designed using 300,000 Influenza genomes. The probe design allowed for the collapse and targeting of all genetic diversity seen in the Influenza virus across avian and mammalian classes (human and swine).

Data from a recently concluded clinical trial designed to test our Influenza ONETest™ assay showed that the Quantum Probes were 1000X more sensitive than anything currently available!*

Using these methods to design Quantum Probes allows for nearly limitless expansion of targets and hence rapid development of new ONETest panels. Additionally, DNA captured by Quantum Probes can be sequenced on many different kinds of NGS platform technologies.

*manuscript under preparation