CHILDSeq-Sarcoma ONETest™

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(This was Fusion Genomics’ inaugural product and is no longer commercially available. If you are interested in it or the technology described below please contact us)

Soft tissue sarcomas in children are a terrible burden both for the child and their immediate family. The cause is often difficult to determine using the current standard methods which usually require multiple tests. The diagnosis often takes an extended period of time, can be costly and leads to increased stress which has a profound influence on the quality of life of all persons involved.

It is important to know if a gene fusion is the cause of the sarcoma being looked at, and if so, which of the fusions is responsible because there are many different treatment options to choose from. Different sarcomas will respond better to some treatments and be completely refractory to others.

FUSION GENOMICS developed the CHILDSeq-Sarcoma ONETest™ assay to determine which gene fusion was responsible for causing childhood soft tissue cancers and sarcomas. The test identified up to 25 different gene fusions capable of producing 4 distinct and different sarcomas. A Research Use Only (RUO) kit, it was tested by several pediatric cancer facilities, including the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas.

The ONETest™ Advantage

The ONETest™ kit contained QUANTUM Probes™, hybridization and capture reagents, with data analysis provided by FUSIONCloud™ via FUSIONTrawler™. Libraries could be constructed with as little as 10 ng sample input! Any commercially available NGS platform (Illumina®, Ion Torrent™, etc) could be used and gave an overall accuracy of 97% (96% sensitivity, 100% specificity).

The CHILDSeq-Sarcoma ONETest™ assay was a complete benchtop to desktop solution with accurate results in as little as 48 hours! Rapid results meant the child’s healthcare team could recommend the best treatment in a timely fashion and deliver the best possible outcome for that child and their family.


  • Library construction reagents and enzymes for making sequencing ready libraries
  • Hybridization reagents to perform liquid phase capture
  • Target optimized fusion transcript specific QUANTUM Probes™
  • Access to the FUSIONCloud™ platform and FUSIONTrawler™ software

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