Our ONETest Product Ecosystem

Benchtop to Desktop

A complete multiplex sequencing solution for identifying microbes accurately.

FUSION’s ONETest Product Ecosystem, when used in conjunction with most next-generation sequencing machines, offers a complete Benchtop to Desktop solution. It consists of the UNIPrep universal library preparation kit, our patent-pending QUANTUMProbes designed for sensitive and scalable DNA and RNA target enrichment, and comprehensive analysis in the FUSIONCloud, a secure and compliant cloud computing environment.




A typical workflow for ONETest product use.

ONETesttmAssayWorkflow v2


  • ONETest Influenza Sentinel– For genotyping of all major influenza virus strains.
  • ONETest Influenza Enviroscreen – For sensitive detection of influenza virus in environmental samples, especially soil and wetland sediments
  • Hepatitis C ONETest– Differentiates and identifies all the subtypes and strains of Hepatitis C virus.

Coming Soon*

  • Mycobacterium ONETest– A quick and economical way to distinguish drug-susceptible from drug-resistant strains of M. tuberculosis.